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The Cost of a Website – Part 1

Question mark made of moneyThere are many different ways in which we can evaluate the question: ”How much will it cost me to get a website for my small business?”

In many ways, the value of a website is priceless. Every company is better off with a web-presence. I literally cannot think of any exceptions. If you can, please comment! However, we know that you are running a business and margins can be tight so you don’t want to throw your money away on something you don’t need. A website is essential for a modern business; it is your advertisement, your sales-floor and to many it is the same as an entry in a phone-book! Whether you are web developers in Guildford or a dress maker in Winchester, a great website can make all the difference in your profits next month.

More specifically, the question is probably, “in terms of pounds and pence, how much should I pay for a website?” It is a valid question, but sadly it is not easy to give a simple single answer, as prices can vary dramatically. Prices will vary both in terms of website complexity offered by one web developer (such as  the difference between MGA Web Tech’s ‘simple’ starter site and a full e-commerce site) and between different web developers (such as a cowboy offering a full e-commerce site for £300 or an agency offering it for £12,000).

If you appreciate that you can’t get something for nothing, but you want the absolute bottom price, then MGA Web Tech might not be for you. We are quality web developers and the sites we make are of the highest quality. We don’t cut corners, and we will spend a serious amount of time making sure that everything is just as you want it. It takes a little longer, but we believe that if it’s worth doing then it may as well be done right. As an example we ensure that everything we create has been fully tested and works right, every time – not every developer will do this and you could find that your site works fine on Internet Explorer, but not on Google Chrome, or it works on the latest versions but not on older versions. We know that internet users use many different browsers and won’t necessarily have the most up to date versions, and we ensure that your website will work regardless and look as good as it can.

MGA Web Tech’s prices vary according to the package you choose, all of which are customizable in order to provide you with exactly what you need. We know what it can be like dealing with sales teams that are constantly trying to up-sell you and make you take things that you neither want nor need, and you won’t find us doing that. We want to provide you with a professional website that does exactly what you want it to, for a reasonable price. For more information on our pricing, follow this link.

Many web designers will want to create your website in the shortest possible space of time so they can move onto the next client, but at MGA Web Tech we prefer to take the time to ensure it is done correctly. In addition, we like to meet our clients face to face in order to really understand what the business is and what the message is that is being conveyed. While your website might be for your business, it is still a personal enterprise and it is the first and possibly only thing that many of your clients and customers will see; we want it to be something that you can be proud of, and something that we can be proud to show on our portfolio!

If you want to know exactly what we can offer you and start working out what package you need, then it might be quickest to contact us. We are a friendly and professional company, and we hope we can help you.


Social Media: Twitter (again!)

A phone showing some tweetsThis will probably be the last post on the phenomenon of Twitter, at least for a while. Not long ago I touched on the idea that Twitter could be bad as well as good, and thought it might be wise to show some examples of when it’s gone wrong for companies.

Starting your own hash-tag can be an effective way of driving conversation around your brand, but if the public don’t feel satisfied with your company then they may well take the opportunity to let you know about it. Social Media is a two way street, so if you let something out into the internet, you need to be prepared for it to grow of its own accord.

McDonald’s, the fast-food chain, started a Twitter campaign called #McDStories. The responses varied from: “When u make something w/ pride, people can taste it, – McD potato supplier #McDStories.” to “I only eatMcDonald’swhen I am ill because it makes me feel sick anyway. #McDStories,”. It seems pretty clear which McDonald’s were hoping for, but the public aren’t guaranteed to do as the company wants.

Another twitter ‘horror story’ is what Qantas, the Australian airliner, faced when urging customers to give their idea of luxury using the hashtag #qantasluxury. The response was thousands of complaints complete with hashtag, such as “#qantasluxury is a QANTAS plane that actually flies.”.

Obviously many, if not most, Twitter campaigns meet with a lot more success and positivity than these two examples, and if you can get trending then it can really snowball and become something very significant. If you can get thousands of people reading the hashtagged posts, then it is a simple step to convey your brand to these followers.

Twitter is becoming more and more functional with big businesses, and it can do the same for smaller businesses too. It is the work of a moment for a customer to send a tweet to your business account, and when this is done it becomes public. If this is a positive message, then great because anyone looking can see what a great job you’re doing. If it is negative, then if you act quickly you can respond to the issues and future customers can see that you are a good business that is willing to have a dialogue.

Twitter seems like it is here to stay, and so it is imperative that you try to get it working in your favour. There is a global conversation going on, and if you want people to be discussing your brand in a positive light then Twitter is an excellent way to get this going, and to watch it unfold in real time. Say you’re a clothing store in Guildford and you launch a new dress. A good way of informing your clients of the new dress is through Twitter. If they are ‘following’ you, then you can let them all know simultaneously with a Tweet like: “Guildford Clothes Store selling beautiful new dress. Come and see it now! #LimitedStock.”

If a customer has a problem with you, they can talk to you quickly and easily with Twitter. How would your small business respond to “@GuildfordClothesStore I wanted to buy your new dress but it’s out of stock!”. If you can reply quickly, perhaps saying that you’ll get more in stock next week, then all the customers following you can see that you’re willing to listen and work with your clients. If you’re lucky, this can get re-tweeted and you’re reputation will be enhanced. Before you know it, Guildford Clothes Store will be the finest small clothes store in the whole of Surrey! Even quicker if your customers say things like “@GuildfordClothesStore I love your new range of trousers! They’re fantastic! #MyBirthdayIsSoon”. Positive word of mouth can really help your brand to spread, and Twitter is a great way of finding and promoting this.

If you need any help with any of this, make sure and let us know. We’re specialists in web design and everything that is included in this, such as the use of social media. You can use this contact form to get in touch with us quickly and easily or call us on 01483 500009.

A Good Website is a Good Investment

Money coming out of your laptopAs the football season draws to a close many clubs will be looking back over their season to see where they performed well, and where they underperformed. Did they get their transfers right, and their tactics? Where could they have saved some points? And looking at it as a business, where could they have saved some money?

All businesses need to look at where they are earning their money, and where they are losing their money, whether they are a small enterprise that is just starting up in Hampshire, or a multi-million dollar football club in London or Manchester. Many businesses may be looking at their website as a drain on their finances, if it’s costing money to run and update but not seeing any returns. However, a well-managed, well-designed website can be crucial to a business.

With so much of people’s time and energy spent on the internet, if you lack a web-presence, then you’re almost invisible to most of your potential market. However, if your site is putting people off then it could be a waste of your time and money. People will not spend long negotiating with a poorly made site to find what they want; they will find a rival company with a better site.

When you are looking at where you can save your money, if you are thinking about getting rid of your website, consider whether it would be better getting a professionally designed website that meets all your needs, whether you want a simple page giving directions to your shop or an all-singing, all-dancing e-commerce site made with one eye on SEO, or perhaps you need a mobile friendly version of your existing site.

Football teams invest in new players to bring future success, and your business should consider investing in a professional website design company like MGA Web Tech. Let us be the star striker that lifts your team to the next level!

Web Design meets the Surrey Chamber of Commerce

MGA Web Tech is one of the latest members of the Surrey Chamber of Commerce.

We are delighted with this and hope that we can contribute to the thriving network of businesses in this highly productive and successful area.

We’re proud of the work we have achieved in and around Guildford and Surrey, and intend to continue this into the future.

Please contact us for any help we can provide regarding your Web Design needs, including Branding, SEO, Social Media and Mobile Development.

Social Media: Twitter

Twitter logo; white bird on blue backgroundLast we discussed the prevalence of Web 2.0, and I want to continue that this week. While the benefits are huge and can be what is required to push your brand into the mainstream there are possible downsides too. One of the key components of Web 2.0 is Social Media, and this comes in many forms these days.

Consider Twitter, the ‘micro-blogging’ site. There is no obligation for users to use their real names, and in scenarios where they have anonymity, people are willing to be very truthful. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but it could be if you are shipping a sub-standard product for a premium price. However if you are rightly proud of your products/services then Twitter can be a huge boost to your company.

For sure, any company would love for their product or their brand to be ‘trending’ on Twitter in order to get it into people’s consciousness. Brand-awareness is half the game, as if people are given a choice of buying two products then they are more likely to buy the one they have previously heard of.

There are many ways for your brand to become a trend, and one such example is via ‘hashtags’. In 2011, the most popular hashtag was #Egypt, relating to the uprisings there. By using a hashtag, it is easy for tweets to be searched in order to find people talking about the same topic as you, whether it is #Egypt, #TheXFactor or #BestCompanyInSurrey. It is entirely possible to shoehorn your company and brand into some of these ‘conversations’, but be wary of coming across as spam.

You can try simply starting a ‘conversation’ with your own hashtag such as #WhyMyCompanyIsGreat, but it is necessary to have additional users retweeting and contributing for it to become a trend. We have several tactics for attracting Twitter followers that we’re willing to share with you and your business. Once you’ve got the followers reading your every word, then it is about giving them good content to read, and hopefully to retweet. Again, we’ve spent some serious time and effort considering how best to approach this and we’re happy to help you.

The correct use of Twitter is an excellent to way get your brand ‘out there’ and to drive your business to the next level. Used in conjunction with your website will help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are many Social Media tools that you can use to promote your business and utilize the ‘Web 2.0′ and at MGA Web Tech, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact us now to find out more, or tweet us directly: @MGAWebTech.