The Cost of a Website – Part 1

Question mark made of moneyThere are many different ways in which we can evaluate the question: ”How much will it cost me to get a website for my small business?”

In many ways, the value of a website is priceless. Every company is better off with a web-presence. I literally cannot think of any exceptions. If you can, please comment! However, we know that you are running a business and margins can be tight so you don’t want to throw your money away on something you don’t need. A website is essential for a modern business; it is your advertisement, your sales-floor and to many it is the same as an entry in a phone-book! Whether you are web developers in Guildford or a dress maker in Winchester, a great website can make all the difference in your profits next month.

More specifically, the question is probably, “in terms of pounds and pence, how much should I pay for a website?” It is a valid question, but sadly it is not easy to give a simple single answer, as prices can vary dramatically. Prices will vary both in terms of website complexity offered by one web developer (such as  the difference between MGA Web Tech’s ‘simple’ starter site and a full e-commerce site) and between different web developers (such as a cowboy offering a full e-commerce site for £300 or an agency offering it for £12,000).

If you appreciate that you can’t get something for nothing, but you want the absolute bottom price, then MGA Web Tech might not be for you. We are quality web developers and the sites we make are of the highest quality. We don’t cut corners, and we will spend a serious amount of time making sure that everything is just as you want it. It takes a little longer, but we believe that if it’s worth doing then it may as well be done right. As an example we ensure that everything we create has been fully tested and works right, every time – not every developer will do this and you could find that your site works fine on Internet Explorer, but not on Google Chrome, or it works on the latest versions but not on older versions. We know that internet users use many different browsers and won’t necessarily have the most up to date versions, and we ensure that your website will work regardless and look as good as it can.

MGA Web Tech’s prices vary according to the package you choose, all of which are customizable in order to provide you with exactly what you need. We know what it can be like dealing with sales teams that are constantly trying to up-sell you and make you take things that you neither want nor need, and you won’t find us doing that. We want to provide you with a professional website that does exactly what you want it to, for a reasonable price. For more information on our pricing, follow this link.

Many web designers will want to create your website in the shortest possible space of time so they can move onto the next client, but at MGA Web Tech we prefer to take the time to ensure it is done correctly. In addition, we like to meet our clients face to face in order to really understand what the business is and what the message is that is being conveyed. While your website might be for your business, it is still a personal enterprise and it is the first and possibly only thing that many of your clients and customers will see; we want it to be something that you can be proud of, and something that we can be proud to show on our portfolio!

If you want to know exactly what we can offer you and start working out what package you need, then it might be quickest to contact us. We are a friendly and professional company, and we hope we can help you.