The Cost of a Website – Part 2

Question mark made of money“Can I get a free website?”

So you agree that you want a website, but you think you can get it done for free. You’ve seen the adverts, you’ve searched around and you’ve found a company that offers you a free website, complete with hosting.

It is possible to create a free website, but there are downsides. For it to be truly free you may need to carry advertising, over which you may have absolutely no control. In addition it may be necessary to have the other companies name in your URL, so instead of it being it could be Clearly this isn’t ideal for an independent small business.

In addition, when you create a website through one of these free companies you are limited by the themes offered. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but if you want your site to look unique then that will be close to impossible using free website builders. Put simply, a free website is not as good as one that is professionally created. If you want a truly bespoke website where it can be created to your precise specifications, then you need a professional web development team such as MGA Web Tech. We can make sure that your brand is presented through your website, and help you to create a brand if you don’t feel that yours is quite strong enough.

“What does a website cost?”

So when you decide that you want a unique website, especially created just for you and your business, it comes down to the bottom line. There are many factors to consider when pricing up a website. The number of pages involved, integration with a database, e-commerce functionality, the time frame you want it completed in, plus additional things such as the level of Search Engine Optimization, level of security, continued maintenance and the creation/improvement of your brand. If you have your own designs you can save some money, or you can have our creative teams develop new graphic designs especially for you, and then integrated with your new website.

Some agencies will charge tens of thousands of pounds for sites, some cowboys will promise the earth while supplying very little and some companies will charge very little but return you a poor product. It is true what they say: “you get what you pay for”. MGA Web Tech are professional web developers with a reputation for quality. It is not in our interest to over-charge you or under-deliver. We work primarily with small to medium enterprises in and around Guildford and we want the businesses we help to encourage others to pick MGA Web Tech when they are looking for a new website. We recently joined the Surrey Chamber of Commerce because we believe that we have a lot to offer the area and are really proud of the work we do.

It is certainly possible to find cheaper alternatives to MGA Web Tech, but you take a big risk in doing so. There are many companies out there that will take your money and promise you a fantastic website in no time, but then either take many months to deliver or provide something that you are ashamed to put your name on. In that case, you will probably have to pay again for a professional web design company that will stake their reputation on creating a beautiful functioning website first time.

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