Which Browser Is Best For Your Website?

 It is not really possible to say that one browser is significantly better than another, and this may be one of the reasons that the market is quite split. Perhaps a better question is which browser do people use? A recent(ish) survey discovered that it varies depending on the day of the week. During the traditional working week (Monday to Friday) the most ‘popular’ web browser is Internet Explorer, however on the weekends, Google Chrome jumps into first place. The reason for this is almost certainly that web browsing at work, on work computers, is done on the browser that company IT says should be used, which is frequently Internet Explorer. However, in their own time people prefer to use the quicker and more stable browser (Chrome). It isn’t a simple two horse race though, as Mozilla Firefox is still popular with roughly 25% of the market, compared with the big two who both average 30-35%.

In North America, Microsoft’s grip is a little tighter, and IE gets 40%+ and Chrome and Firefox are reduced to just 25 and 20% respectively.

Mac users might prefer their own browser, Safari, but it has struggled to penetrate the mass market. With a share of just over 5%, it leads the rest of the pack (Opera, AOL, Netscape) but it simply isn’t competing with the ‘big 3’.

Of course, you can make statistics say almost whatever you want. The numbers above come from a company called StatCounter looking at data up to April 2012. W3Schools.com suggests things are worse than that for IE, with numbers below 20% which Firefox and Chrome split 75% of the market between them, while Safari picks up the rest. However you look at it, most web users are utilising one of the big three browsers, and if not one of those, then Safari.