Social Media - We can make you socially acceptable!

Social Media is a tool. If you know how to use it, you can connect with your consumers in new and beneficial ways, gain unique opinions, and more efficiently collaborate with your customers.

We teach you how to use the amazing potential of social media for the good of your business. As a result, you’ll avoid limited, complicated and unproductive strategies, and profit from improved credibility and approach.

Traditional marketing tools fail to take advantage of the new opportunities presented by social media.  You are now able to have a conversation with your potential clients rather than just speaking to/at them – engaging a community of people, and enhancing the transparency of your organization and products.  By building these relationships and trust, you can in turn create loyalty that develops a vocal group of positive audience members for your brand and organization. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing because if someone who has nothing to gain from it is endorsing your company, it is credible and reliable... and it’s free!

Become one of the popular kids

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr. You've heard of them, but you can't decide how they can help your business? Well let me give you a few examples of how they are effective:

  • Sick of cold calling/emailing potential customers? Well, what if you added that company on LinkedIn first? That gives them an opportunity to look at your company's LinkedIn profile. What if on your profile they could see all the reputable companies you are connected to and see the latest product updates? Well... that makes it a lot less cold when you contact them a few days later!
  • Facebook fandom can make you feel like a Rock Star! When people become a "fan" or "like" your company on Facebook the rest of their friends get told about it. Building loyalty and a brand can often be traced back to this kind of mild recommendation. Word of mouth is the most credible advertising possible.
  • Show off how trendy you are. Trending on Twitter is big. Just because it has nothing to do with your industry doesn't mean you can’t give your input on current affairs. If you were to write a blog post on your website and offered a link to the Twitter community, you are bringing more traffic to your website... advantageous for SEO.

We will create Social Network profiles for your business as well as advise you how best to execute marketing strategies through them.

Blogging is beneficial

Web-logging became huge in the early 2000s as it became quick and easy for every individual as well as companies to start recording their activities and presenting their views on the world. However, blogs now seem a little passé, but it is still useful to keep your customers and users informed of what is happening with your business. Rather than calling it blogging, we refer to it as ‘eNews’.

eNews is a great way of keeping your website fresh and your customers informed. We integrate eNews with all of your social networks in order to maximize it's effect and to encourage traffic onto your website. With targeted marketing in eNews sections, we've had some great results from click through's into product conversions.

If nothing else, implementing an eNews section is important for increasing your organic search engine rankings and we strongly recommend it to our clients.

Viral campaigns: Creating Word-Of-Mouth

Viral campaigns are not just videos of cats doing funny things. Viral campaigns engage audiences that may not necessarily have knowledge of your product or need to be reminded of your brand in order to become a repeat customer.

Creating a buzz is half the battle in marketing. By creating engaging content that can be spread throughout social environments like YouTube or Twitter, we can flow traffic to your website and get your brand name out there.

Our creative team can help develop ideas and strategies to get your message out into the world. In this way your business can be marketed online and be brought to the attention of a potential customer in a whole new way.