Web Design – The MGA Web Tech way

We believe that a methodical and well-planned approach is the only way to develop a successful website.  At MGA Web Tech we set out a clear path for any web project from start to finish so that both our customers and our entire team are satisfied with the project’s progress and understand each project’s unique aspects down to the smallest detail. 

Step 1: Knowing You & Knowing Us

  • Objective Breakdown
  • Target Audience Definition
  • Content Gathering

Understanding the mentality of our clients is key to the MGA web approach.  We believe that in order for our team to construct the perfect website for you, we need to understand your company mentality – which is not only the goals of your perspective website, but the objectives of your business as a whole.  By engulfing ourselves in your company’s business strategy we are able to create unique ways of applying web technologies to your business model and can better grasp how to develop an online system to suit both you and your customers.

Step 2: Workflow and Planning

  • Use Case Examination
  • Navigation Definition
  • Site Mapping
  • Technology Analysis

Once we have established your goals, we get to work.  We begin mapping out the layout of your website, constructing workflows and conceptualizing the ways in which you want your customers to interact with you online. 

We can guarantee you a beautiful looking website, but at MGA Web Tech we think that beauty is more than skin deep. We hate websites that are hard to navigate. Too often web design companies get too carried away with making a homepage look pretty and don’t take the time to organize the actual content.  Your customer wants to find the information they want or to get the service they require, in a matter of seconds. It is our job as designers to ensure that this can happen. Function is as important as fashion.

Step 3: Diligent Design

  • Brand Identification
  • Prototyping – Wireframing & Mockups

Then comes the fun part.  Designing your website should be the most exciting and active part of the MGA Web Tech development experience for both you and us.  This is our opportunity to set out our vision for your website in its most visual form and equally a chance for you to discuss and tweak our design progression so that you can get your website the way you envision it.

Identity and branding is the cornerstone of every online organization in any competitive market.  We will work with you on your branding as little or as much as you need.  We can create logos and colour schemes from scratch or modernize and improve your current business branding trend.  This often begins to shape our initial designs for your site and is truly step one when it comes to creating a “design atmosphere” for your web build.

We will then produce a range of initial mockups that will be sent to you for opinions and approval.  These may or may not include new branding and colour schemes depending on the project.  This phase will be implemented in an iterative fashion until a design is chosen and both parties agree that we can continue with the web build.  We can keep going back and forth until you are happy that the design reflects your brand, and that it is the website that you want.

Step 4: Development

  • Produce a powerful and stunning website

Sit back and let us do the hard work.  We will get on with developing your site just the way we have planned it.  This is where all our meticulous preparation work will come into play – simplifying and quickening our development process.

At certain points of the development phase we will give you access to our development area to check on the progress of the website and to allow you to give any opinions and fixes.

Step 5: Getting you online

  • Thorough Testing
  • Alpha Release
  • Final Delivery

The MGA Web Tech Testing Program is proven to be highly effective.  We run through our painstaking testing process to ensure that your site meets the highest web standards, is fully compatible with all modern web browsers and functions exactly as set out in the design process of the project. 

Upon final approval from you we will make your website available to the public and begin any SEO you require.

Step 6: Maintain to Sustain

  • Minor Content Updates
  • CMS Education (if required)
  • Limited Design Alteration
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The way to bring repeat visitors to your site is to offer new content to your customers on a regular basis. At MGA Web Tech will be more than happy to continue working together with you, to update the information on your website.

If we have implemented the MGA Web Tech CMS on your system then we will need to teach you the ins and outs of using it – but this won’t take long.  We pride ourselves on being one of the few web specialists with our own CMS – one that we believe is one of the easiest to use systems around.  You will find no confusing buttons or puzzling interfaces when trying to add content to your site using the MGA CMS.  Simplicity is what we practice and our CMS is no different.

If you have any minor design changes in mind we are happy to do them at regular intervals to keep your site looking fresh and providing a contemporary customer experience. 

We will also use our SEO techniques to maximize your website’s potential in the world’s most crowded marketplace - the internet.  We have our own set of SEO principles that we will implement throughout the development process that will better allow us to improve your site’s search engine performance.  However SEO is an element that must be maintained in order to expand online market share, a function that we perform as standard as part of our maintenance package.  (We also offer premium SEO in which we will perform advanced techniques to increase market exposure at regular intervals.)